Skrill: India Deposit Replenishment

Skrill system – what is it?

The payment system available at Bons Casino, that allows you to carry out secure online financial transactions, which include receiving or sending funds within the system, to a bank account or card, as well as payment for services, online purchases.

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  1. Is Skrill legal in India?
  2. How to withdraw money from Skrill?
  3. Withdrawing money from Skrill to a bank account
  4. Skrill India review


Is Skrill legal in India?

Quite often a question from our readers: “Is Skrill legal in India?” Yes, it is not banned in India and it is completely legal to use Skrill to make deposit in Bons casino. Skrill is a UK based company offering a variety of digital payment solutions including e-wallets, payment gateways and prepaid cards. Moreover Skrill India is a very popular choice! The payment system is most used by:

  • online players or gamblers who make deposits and withdraw funds from poker rooms, casinos and bookmakers;
  • traders who perform transactions in the financial markets;
  • freelancers.

The system is a convenient platform for withdrawing money and making online payments through innovative transaction methods.

How to withdraw money from Skrill?

Another FAQ type of question is “How to withdraw your funds from Skrill”? The question of how to withdraw money from it is primarily a matter of verification. After it has been passed, there are usually no problems with transferring money, the transfer is carried out with a few clicks of the mouse. But preparing for this will take some time and require some effort. Before proceeding to the withdrawal of money directly, one of the available methods, you will need to verify yourself as a user, proving that you are you and further actions in the system will be performed by you, that you have legal access to your bank acc and plastic card. 

To verify on the website, you will need to upload a high-quality scan of your passport, as well as submit a document confirming your place of residence. The security service will check these documents, after which you will have the right to make transfers to it only within the system, but also withdraw funds from it.

However, immediately after verification, it is still impossible to use this opportunity, since you need to confirm your rights to own a bank acc or plastic card. It also provides for a verification procedure. As soon as it is completed, the money can be withdrawn.

Withdrawing money from Skrill to a bank account

To be able to withdraw funds from the payment system to a bank acc, you must first link it to your account. To do this, in the “Withdrawal” section, indicate this method of transferring money. The path on the site: “My account” – “Cards and bank accounts” – “Add a bank account” leads to the section where you need to specify the country, account number and SWIFT code (you can find it out at your bank). Click “Add account and continue”.

Skrill India review

Let’s talk about India review. Сasino product is a trusted service for BONS casino players for several years.  As a responsible Internet payment provider, Skrill has long won the trust of its customers. The reviews of numerous users emphasize the high security of the system, which completely excludes the possibility of hacking the account by intruders. Thanks to the protective mechanisms, everyone can connect additional protection through Google Authentication. 

A huge number of users can easily withdraw funds or make deposits to / from all credit and debit cards, as well as send funds  to anyone through an email address. At the same time, Skrill guarantees complete confidentiality of payments and personal data.

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