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Bons Live Baccarat may seem like a fairly simple game, as the rules are very clear: bet on either the Player or the Banker and wait for your hand to win. However, if you dig a little deeper into the rules and strategies of experienced players, you’ll find that the game isn’t so simple. Some people try to predict the live Baccarat casino hand based on previous results, while others try to resort to a betting system. Logic and superstition have an equally important place in the game. 

Top Live Baccarat 2022 in India

There are several reasons why you should definitely try Bons live Baccarat. Firstly, the simplicity; even beginners are able to create combinations. Banker’s bets are known to have a low probability of success. Also, important is the fast pace of play, which will appeal to the impatient. Unlike poker or blackjack, it doesn’t matter what your skills and experience are.

An important plus is the variety of games. There are several types or variations of the game. It’s very cool that you can choose a game with high stakes or more modest stakes. If you are bored with one type of baccarat, you can certainly try another. You can check this advantage particularly easily at online casinos; all you have to do is to familiarize yourself with the nuances and differences of the rules.

Top Live Baccarat Games in India

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  • Baccarat Squeeze.

Live Casino Baccarat is the ideal way to play this famous game from home or on the go, while experiencing the social interaction usually reserved for the land-based version. Baccarat with a live dealer, played online but under the supervision of a real dealer in the studio, can be played alongside other real players from many other locations, bringing back the excitement of this iconic card game.

For an enjoyable experience, you need to know the rules. The game is old, so you can enjoy several versions and types that won’t bore you. It’s not for nothing that baccarat has become a widely recognised game in high-stakes circles. Nowadays, anyone can try their luck at both high and low stakes.

How to Play Live Baccarat Casino?

Let’s explain the basic rules for dealing cards and using the point system. First, let’s look at the basics, the values of the different cards and hands.

The first action in baccarat is always taken towards the Player’s hand. The Player is dealt two cards, which are then turned over by the Dealer. If their total sum ranges from 0 to 5, a third card is dealt. If the total sum of points ranges from 6 to 9, the Player stands, i.e. receives no additional cards. A hand with a total sum of points between 8 and 9 is considered a natural hand. With it, the Player automatically wins and beats any Banker hand. The only exception to this is if the Banker’s hand also equals 8 to 9 points. If the Player has an 8 and the Banker has a 9, the Banker’s bet wins and vice versa. The Casino’s share of the winnings when betting on the Player is 1.24% and the payout ratio is 1:1.

The Banker’s Hand

The Banker’s Hand also receives two cards each. If the Banker has a 7, 8 or 9, a third additional card is no longer dealt. However, this is only if the first two cards have a combined value of 0 and 3, and if the Banker has a 3 and the Player has an 8. Depending on the Player’s points, the Banker can still score a total of 4, 5 or 6. 

Luckily, you don’t need to remember all these subtleties, as the Dealer is in charge of your moves. Bear in mind that the Banker has some advantages over the Player, as he gets the cards second. Many experts believe that the Banker wins more than 50% of the time. He has a lower casino win rate (1.06%). Although Banker pays out winnings at a ratio of 1:1, the bet on him also includes a 5% commission.

Many players today prefer live casino baccarat. First of all, it is a comfortable process, especially when using real money. Select safe and reliable casino sites with secure transactions and responsible gaming.  In addition, they must be thoroughly regulated all the time. All this has guaranteed their reliability. 

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