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Initially, online casinos appeared as a phenomenon that allowed them to play slot machines from the comfort of their homes. Players liked the fact that they no longer had to go to the institution itself, wait until their favorite slot machine was free and necessarily have the cash to play. But with the growth of technology and the acceleration of life, playing only on a personal computer has become an atavism. Today, users from all over the world want to play on the way to work, during lunch breaks, waiting for anything, filling every boring minute. That is why more and more casinos are starting to create their own mobile gambling apps for real money.

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Real Money Casino Apps vs. Online Casino

In fact, there is no big difference between the online casino and its mobile version. Users, at a minimum, should not worry about the fact that some functionality of the official site will be missing in the online casino app. Moreover, the mobile version of almost every casino, such as Bons Casino, has a number of advantages over the browser-based version:

  1. No need for high quality internet. The real money casino app doesn’t require such an uninterrupted connection and works well even at low speeds. This ensures that players will not be disconnected from the game at the most important moment and can continue playing from literally anywhere.
  2. Availability of unique games. In addition to the fact that all the games that are present in the browser version are available in the casino app, new games are also created specifically for it, which relies on the fact that the mobile device has more features than the browser.
  3. Short game session time. Games in mobile versions allow you to start a game quickly and end it instantly. If the player has only a few minutes, or if he urgently needs to do something else, he can simply close the application and it will not affect the gameplay in any way, everything will be saved automatically.

Top Online Casino With Apps

On the Internet you can find a lot of online casino tops with applications, but all of them are designed to promote a particular casino. We, however, in spite of the fact that we are representatives of online casino Bons, offer you to determine on your own, which casino is suitable for you. You just need to pay attention to a few points that will help you see the whole picture.

Criteria for the Best Real Money Casino Apps

Each player chooses a casino according to his own taste, but you should not forget about the issues of legality. First of all, always pay attention to the casino’s license, as well as to the regulatory bodies that control its work. Also, some of the points listed below are mandatory, because their absence will mean that the casino may carry out fraudulent activities.

User Interface

Every player has his own ideas about the quality of the interface. However, design also has more than just aesthetic functions. The interface must help the player navigate the site by quickly finding the right buttons, intuitively moving from link to link.

Game Variety

The variability of games allows the player not to change casinos the moment he gets tired of several games. More than 2,000 slot machines are integrated into Bons Casino, which guarantees that the player will always find a suitable game. Moreover, all new products from leading slot machine developers are instantly added to the platform, so switching to other sites in order to find a unique game is pointless.

Great Bonuses and Promotions

Online casinos often create a wide bonus network in order to lure new players and retain old-timers. But the biggest bonuses still go to those who have just registered at the casino. For example, Bons doubles a player’s first deposit and also gives him 200 free slot machine spins. However, in the case of even the most generous prizes, pay attention to Wager, which is the amount you will need to wager in the casino in order to be able to withdraw your winnings.

 Flexible Banking Options

Casinos must provide the player with the maximum possible number of ways to input and output funds. In addition, these methods must match each other, because if the casino is ready to take your money in any way possible, but ready to give only a few payment methods, it suggests speculation about the fairness of a gambling house. For a full list of methods of withdrawal Bons Casino you can read our blog.

Mobile Experience

Gambling apps real money should be more than just a browser-based version that fits the size of the phone screen. The operating system of the phone gives a lot of new features, which are required to be in the application. In addition, the interface should be redesigned in accordance with the functional convenience for the player.

Customer Service and Support

Even with the smooth operation of the online casino players have questions that they need help to solve. Problems with the payment system, forgotten password, sudden internet disconnection, etc. – These are things that a player cannot be alone with. That’s why good online casinos like Bons have a 24/7 support service, providing professional help via chat or email.


You can check out the existing top online casinos with a mobile app on your own and make your choice, but always pay attention to the points we have pointed out above. If you are still undecided about the casino you are ready to start playing with, we advise you to consider Bons online casino.

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