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Today dear readers, we would like to cover one of the hottest topics about online casinos – casino promo! Using Gambling Bonuses is a great way to extend your experience. They give you the opportunity to play with more resources than your initial deposit. Of course, this comes with additional wagering requirements. These requirements are that you may not always be able to cash out your winnings the moment you want. If you are using the best premiums, you need to meet all wagering requirements before you cash out.



Casino bonuses for Indians 2022

As we were writing in our other BONS Official Blog articles, India is among the top developed countries with online gambling technologies, so Indian players are fully entitled to use all available premiums in the gambling industry. What are gaming promo and why should you use them?

The term “Bonus” means added value. Regardless of the industry, this is what should add value to the product or service being used. When it comes to online casinos, the most popular type of promo is the cash promo that you receive when you make a deposit. For example: when you deposit $ 100, you get $ 100 as a premium. You can play for $ 200, although you only deposited half the amount.

In addition to the prize money, gambling houses may offer you free spins or gambling cashback. Regardless of the possible type of gaming prize, they all provide value in the long term. You can play longer and have more fun.

Online casino bonus

When choosing an online gaming house, it is important to consider the bonuses offered and what you expect at the gambling house. Do you like board games? If so, a casino focused solely on providing free spins may not be the right fit for you. Are you a high-roller? In this case, you should look for a casino with an appetite for large and very large premium and high limits. Premiums and premiums will also give you the opportunity to interact with the gaming house. Has the premium system been optimized to make your experience enjoyable and comfortable? Is the support team knowledgeable and helpful? These are the questions that are important to answer in order to build your relationship with the casino.

Here we explain in detail what gambling prizes new and regular gambling house players can claim. Promo is one of the most attractive features of online casinos, whether you want to play without a deposit or simply increase your playing time and increase your bets. This section describes the most common types of premiums offered by online gaming houses. NOTE: gambling premiums always have specific wagering requirements and limits. Before claiming a promo, always make sure you understand the promo terms and conditions, which you must read on all online gaming sites.

Types of Casino Bonuses

Gambling industry is evolving so rapidly. Sometimes it’s quite hard, even for experienced players, to navigate through all types of promo like welcome promo, live gaming premiums, deposit prizes, sign up bonus, etc. In this article, we would like to explain all types of promo in simple and understandable language.

No Deposit Bonus

This is the trickiest one! So, no deposit bonuses means premiums that you receive without making a deposit. For example: you open an account at an online gaming house and get $10. Usually, these types of bonuses do not exceed $20 and are difficult to find, but BONS offer those promo!

However, deposit premiums give you extra money to play. Usually, deposit prizes range from 50% to 100%. This, of course, is not set in stone, and some gambling houses may offer you lucrative options.

In some rare cases, registration premiums can be issued up to 500% of the promo value.

Free Spins

Free spins are spins in games associated with slot machines. You can request them when opening an account or when making a deposit. You can also earn them in slot games yourself by playing for real money or by participating in various promotions or tournaments offered by the gambling houses.

Betting no deposit

What is a free bet without a deposit?

Free bets for registration, which do not require a deposit, are a real chance to try your luck for the bookmaker’s money. This offer is usually for new clients: BONS hopes that this will be a great opportunity to try your hand on it. How to get it? It’s very simple: you just need to create an account and go through identification.

Real Money Casino Bonus in India

We are totally sure that Indian players deserve the best things that gaming can offer, so next time when you are thinking about “online casino bonus” & “casino bonus codes”, please remember that BONS is on your side! 😊

If you are looking to play the best online slots for real money at the best gambling houses, then you have come to the right place. You will find out on the basis of what criteria our specialists form their preferences. These include player safety, great games, instant payouts and fast support. In addition, you will read about:

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