Andar Bahar

Online game Andar Bahar in India

Andar Bahar is a popular betting card game. Extremely simple, but incredibly interesting and unique, it has attracted the attention of gamblers for several centuries. There are many guesses as to the country of its origin, but most likely the most reliable version can be considered as South India. According to the legend, the Andar Bahar casino game appeared in Bangalore – the capital of the state of Karnataka, extremely rich in attractions, and what is interesting, none of them is associated with the cards. Rather, the locals simply liked to spend their time gambling and attracted to this process all travelers who were in search of entertainment.


As a result, the Bons Andar Bahar game became known all over the world. Today it is one of the most famous card games. It not only gathers a small circle of gamblers around the round table at home but is also often found among the many offerings of gambling establishments. Andar Bahar is sure to be among the best BONS casino table games. In the online slots section, this card game has its loyal fans.

Play a simple but very addictive Bons Andar Bahar online game. The game offers you a thrilling gameplay experience that will keep you engrossed for hours. Large bets and useful features will be waiting for you. Andar Bahar is a card game in which the player and the croupier play against each other. Guess the outcome of the deal and take good winnings.

Best Andar Bahar Casinos in India

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Basic Rules of the game Andar Bahar

If there is the simplest and most amazing card game in this world, it’s definitely online Andar Bahar. Let’s start with the fact that in the tabletop version, absolutely any number of players can play here – there is no limit on the number of participants. The second interesting point – there is no need for additional game elements. Chips and other traditional attributes of gambling card games are completely unnecessary. Uses only a deck of 52 cards. Most surprising is the gameplay – during the whole time, while the game lasts, the participants do not get to play cards. Yes, strange as it may seem, but that’s exactly what it is. What is the essence of Andar Bahar’s online cash game? The main task of the player – to make the right bet, ie to guess the side that will win.

Game Terms – Andar Bahar winning tricks:

  • Players confront the casino and make bets on one of two events: Andar or Bahar, which in Hindi translates as “left” and “right.
  • After the players have made their bets, the dealer deals the first card face up. It is called the “Joker”.
  • The cards are shuffled before each deal.
  • Next, the dealer deals with the second card. The black suit goes to the Andar (left) side. Otherwise, that is, if the suit is red, the card takes a place on the Bahar (right) side.
  • If the second card matches the Joker card, the game ends. Otherwise, the dealer will continue to deal cards from alternating sides until one of them is dealt according to the value of the Joker card.
  • The side of the first card dealt according to the “Joker” card wins.
  • If the winning side is the first party to receive a card, then bets on that side pay 0.9 to 1.
  • If the winning side is not the first party to receive a card, then bets on that side are paid 1 to 1.

How to play Andar Bahar for real money?

Bons Andar Bahar card game online is a simple but very exciting card game of the “50/50” type. There are two sides to the game: the player and the dealer. Once the round begins, the dealer places one card, face down, on the joker and then begins to place the cards on the Andar and Bahar sectors. As soon as the value of one of the cards coincides with the value of the joker card, the round ends. However, before proceeding directly to the gameplay, you will need to place your bet using the chips at the bottom of the screen. For each round, you can bet from 1 to 100 coins. Once you’ve got the right number of chips, you’ll need to move them to the chosen sector. If you place a joker card on your chosen side early, you win the round.

In the first round, the player has the opportunity to make an additional side bet of his choice. Additional side bets in the first round are made on the suits of the middle card and rank: Hearts – Hearts, Diamonds – Diamonds, Clubs – clubs, Spades – spades, below 8, exactly 8, above 8. Regardless of whether an additional bet is made or not, the player must press the deal. When the middle card is dealt, the second round of dealing occurs. The player must bet Andar or Bahar to play the game. The player may also make an additional side bet no matter how many cards are dealt. As at least one of the main bets is placed, the player must press the “Deal” button to begin play. When the deal is pressed, the cards are dealt face up to the left (Andar) and to the right (Bahar). The middle card, the fist always goes to the left (Anda). When a card matches the rank of the middle card, the game ends. Payouts are made according to the payout table. Play Andar Bahar game and have a lot of fun.

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