Teen Patti

Teen Patti Online in India

Teen Patti is a card game of chance originating in the Indian subcontinent and popular throughout South Asia. It originated in the English game of three-card bragging with poker influences. In some areas, it is also called flush or flash.

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Different variations of Online Teen Patti:

  • With a joker. And there can be many variants of the joker:
  • It’s a particular card;
  • AK47;
  • The highest card of the three in hand;
  • The youngest of the three cards in hand;
  • King Little – the jokers are all kings and the smallest card in hand.
  • Muflis – an option where the weakest combination wins.

999 – all cards have a numerical value: T-K – zero, Ace – 1, all other cards have the same value as the value. The combination whose cards form a larger three-digit number wins, that is, three nines is the strongest hand.

Teen Patti Online in India

Best Sites to Play Teen Patti for Real Money

Teen Patti is a simple, action-packed card game that is well known to Desi players throughout India. The table game, most often played with friends and family during festivals, can also be enjoyed anytime at the online casino. The great popularity of Teen Patti in India has led to the fact that it has moved to the Internet for several years now. The most interesting and expensive games take place in mobile applications like PPPoker or PokerMaster.

While many casinos care about the Indian players, not only do some of them offer online gambling for Teen Patti, but some are definitely not worth your money.

When considering the best casinos to play for real money, look at a number of criteria, including safety, reputation, payment methods, bonuses, and customer support. Moreover, look for sites that offer a wide variety of Teen Patti online games with available betting limits and valuable bonuses.

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What is Teen Patti?

Original Teen Patti or simply “Three Cards – The homeland of this game is India. Its second name is Flash. During the whole 20th century it was one of the main family card games in the country, especially during the five-day festival of lights – Diwali. It is believed that Teen Patti originated from the British card game Brag. The Three Cards later spread to private gaming clubs in Goa and Mumbai and, with migrants from India, throughout Southeast Asia. In 2010, Bollywood even made a film of the same name, which attracted interest in this game around the world and its appearance on the Internet.



Teen Patti Card Game Rules

Rules of Teen Patti:

  • The game uses a deck of 52 cards;
  • Number of players at the table: from 4 to 8;
  • The seniority of the cards corresponds to their value.
  • The dealer deals three cards clockwise to each player. The players put an ante. After this, there is a trade (its number of rounds is not limited) and according to its results, the player with the strongest combination or the one remaining in the pot wins.

Combinations in Teen Patti Casino Game:

To reduce the strength of combinations in the game they are located as follows:

  • Trail or set – three cards of the same value;
  • Pure sequence or straight – three consecutive cards, such as AKQ. There’s the A23 combination: the Ace is the high card and will be stronger than any combination without it;
  • Color or flush – three cards of the same suit;
  • Pair;
  • A high card

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How to play Teen Patti?

The first bet is placed by the player to the left of the dealer. The stakes at the Teen Patti game depend on the status of the player. There are two types of players: blind players and seen players. At any moment of the game, the dealer can look at his cards.

  • Blind player – if the same player is in front of him than in order to participate in the game he must stake the sum equal to the current stake or increase it but no more than twice, and if the Seen player is in front of him then he must stake from the half to the whole sum of the current stake;
  • Seen player – to participate in the drawing must bid 2 or 4 times more than the previous bid if a blind player made a bid before him, but if he sits in front of the same player, then his bet must be equal to the current rate or twice its value.
  • Betting rounds go until there are only one or two players left in the draw, and one of them makes a bet for the showdown. The stronger combination wins. If the hands of the players are equal in strength, the one who requested the showdown loses. If one of the two players remaining in the pot plays blind, only he can request a showdown.

In the process of trading, the so-called “compromise” is also possible. Either of the players can offer his opponent who is sitting in front of him to see each other’s cards for a double bet. If the opponent accepts the “compromise” the player with the weaker hand is out of the game. If both hands are equal in strength, the one who offered the “compromise” discards the cards.

Teen Patti gameplay online also has limitations on the maximum bet size (which is 128 initial bets) and the maximum size of the whole pot (which is 1024 initial bets).