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Poker has long ceased to be a game played exclusively at an oval table inside a casino or in a circle of avid players in someone’s kitchen. The growth of modern technology has made it possible not only to move away from being tied to a specific place, but also to take the game to a whole new level. You can play mobile poker from anywhere in the world, with players from all sorts of regions and betting on the amount that suits you. And the modern design of cell phones helps to keep all the features you need for a high quality game.


Can I play video poker on my phone?

Everyone today can play any type of video poker game on their phone. You don’t have to worry that switching from a PC or offline version will somehow affect the gameplay and put you at a disadvantage to other players. All you will need is to get used to some of the features of this kind of game. Let’s tell you about the main ones:

  • The player chooses a virtual table with his opponents. He can see the number of participants, their stacks, nicknames and avatars. The player is free to enter or leave the table at any moment, unless otherwise provided by the rules of the tournament.
  • In the online version nobody wants to drag out the gameplay, so every player is given some time to make a decision (for example 15-30 seconds). If a player doesn’t have time to make his move for any reason, the system automatically considers that he discarded his cards and dropped out of the given draw.
  • As long as the player is off the computer (AFK), but remains in the game, he will be automatically removed from the blinds when his turn comes, until he returns to the game.
  • A player can communicate with other players in different ways. It all depends on the platform or casino that gives certain functionality or conversely imposes restrictions. Poker is a stressful game for real money, so the ability to communicate players is often cut off completely to avoid increasing the toxicity of the community. However, there are also games in which you can send emoji, which show your reaction to the game, send messages to other players or chat with the croupier, if one is present in the game.
  • If a player participates in a long-term tournament, he will announce in advance the schedule of the event, and there will be relatively long rest breaks between games.

These are just the main features of playing poker with your phone. You will be able to determine a bigger list on your own when you start playing, but they will not negatively affect the game in any way.


Is there a video poker app?

Some casinos have gone a step further in mobile gaming and instead of limiting themselves to just a mobile app that gives access to all casino games, have developed a special app specifically for poker players. And this is quite a logical decision. The fact is that mobile applications are sharpened for the functionality of a wider audience, so it is simply impossible to display all the unique features that each section needs. Video poker apps, on the other hand, do just fine.

Using a standalone mobile video poker app, you get the following benefits: 

  1. Improved design created specifically for the atmosphere of a poker game.
  2. More functional buttons, which, for example, allow you not to choose the size of the bet by yourself with the slider, but to press one of the 6 buttons with pre-prepared betting templates. And it is not about any laziness, but about saving time that is given to the player to make a decision.
  3. The possibility of video communication with the croupier. Mobile applications of casinos rarely allow the player to see the croupier, most often just a virtual table, but some special poker applications have this feature.
  4. Tournament component. Tournaments in mobile applications never end. Anyone can find a suitable table in a few seconds and join the fight for the big prize. And poker applications are tuned to that desire. It’s easy to see all the schedules and conditions, sign up for a tournament, and get a special notification so you don’t miss the start or continuation of the game.
  5. Multitasking. Poker is a relatively slow and measured game, so players who love the drive want to get the most out of it. Especially for them, there is a feature that allows you to be at several gaming tables at once, participating in different deals at the same time. It seems strange, but in practice it is much more exciting and easier.

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Can you play poker online with video?

The main mass of all online real money video poker app games is played without using a camera. The point is that the player only needs to see his own cards, the situation on the table and the positions of other players with their actions on the screen of his phone. In addition, the players themselves prefer to remain incognito and not to show their emotions or reaction to the particular event in the game, just like in the real game. Therefore, the function of showing the player’s face is absent in absolutely all applications. However, if a player wants to see a real table and be able to communicate with the croupier, whom he will see on his phone, then he just needs to select the appropriate room in the Live Casino section.

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